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  • One Man , One Woman, One Person

    My brothers and my sisters in islam, once Umar radiyallahu anhu got together with all the sahabah (companions). And he said make a wish, he told the sahabah to ask Allah subhanahu wa taala for a special dua and a special wish.  So one of the sahabi, he put up his hands to the sky and he said, Oh Allah, I wish that this room was full of gold and jewelry so that I could give it away straight away in the cause of Allah subhanahu wa taala, another sahabah got up right after him.

  • The Sinner Who Changed

    Ibn Qudamah has made mention of an incident in kitab attawwabeen.  Very brilliant incident, very brilliant. There was a person by the name of Mahdi who lived a life of sin, vice, evil, womenising, a very flashy and flamboyant lifestyle. He would indulge in every crime you would think of, he would perpetrate every offense you’ve heard of.

  • Time For Change

    Rasul- Allah sallallahu alaihi wa sallam was sitting with his companions and they heard a sound. He says to them “ did you hear that?” they said to him, “Yes Ya Rasulullah”. He said to them” Do you know what it is?”. They said, “Allah and His Messenger know best”. He said to them “ this is a rock that was thrown into hellfire 70 years ago and only now did it reach the bottom!”

  • Guaranteed Hell-fire

    On the day of judgement, 2 people will be brought to Allah subhanahu wa taala. 2 people who were basically sinners, they will be brought to Allah subhanahu wa taala. Both of them will be banished to the hell-fire.

  • Leaders Are Servants

    it is reported that Al-Muzani went to Abdullah and said,” lets go for Hajj”. And then before they started to pack for Hajj, AL-Muzani went to Abdullah and said, “so who should be the leader amongst us?” The Prophet sallallahu alaihi wa sallam said no one should go on a group in travel except they should appoint someone as a leader, right? Otherwise shaytaan will be the leader.

  • Story of Prophet Uzair (Ezra)

    Ishaaq Ibn Bishr reported, on the authority of Ibn' Abbas and others, that Ezra was a saint and a wise man. He went out one day to his own farm, as was his custom. About noon he came to a deserted, ruined place and felt the heat. He entered the ruined town and dismounted his donkey, taking figs and grapes in his basket. He went under the shade of the khaiba tree and ate his food.

  • When The Prophet Returned to Makkah

    It is very important we go back, look at the compassion that Prophet Muhammad had. Look at how he treated his spouses, his family members,  look at what he did to those who were muslim around him, those who were non-muslim, they were in harmony and peace. And look at how he stood up for justice against hiw own people and look at how he forgave at the moment when he knew that if he wanted, He could of wiped out all those who had murdered in the past his own tribesmen and family members.

  • One Step Closer

    My young friend, The most merciful and The most kind He loves you and I so much, that he gave us such a medication, that whenever this medication is applied with its condition. It will purify and it will clean our insides till our hearts will begin to glow.  And you will return, just like the day your mother gave you birth, free and pure from sin.

  • Inspiration for The Lustful Soul

    This story happened to a young man in his 20’s. not long ago he is a muezzin of a masjid and is a Quran hafiz.  He is known for his good manners and character. The night was a Thursday night and he had went out in the morning to visit his gransparent in a village near his town.  And he is from the people of Jeddah (Saudi).

  • The Justice of Muhammad Sallallahu alaihi wa sallam

    Justice, Allah subhanahu wa taala says, “ O you who believe, be persistently standing firm for Allah, witnesses in justice, and do not let the hatred of a people prevent you from being just. Be just, that is nearer to righteousness. And fear Allah; indeed, Allah is acquainted with what you do”

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'Umar ibn Abdul Aziz is a good figure depraved manner, the knowledge, broad understanding, trustees and love back to Allah "(Adh-Dzahabi)


(Three Important Events Shared His)

Gazette Khalifa live experts worship, asceticism and the fifth Rashidun caliph is more redolent of the aroma utilitie and more beautiful than beautiful flowers.

The story of an amazing life like fragrant plants, stop in Ajda wherever it there was just a cool atmosphere in the heart, the flowers are beautiful to the eye and delicious fruit taste.

Although we were not able to explain all his life journey in recorded history, but it did not deter us to pick a flower in the garden, or take some of the light as a lantern. Because "What can not be taken entirely not leave any part that can be taken.

I invite you to share the story of UMAR BIN ABDUL AZIZ in three events.

My first memorable tale narrated by Salamah ibn Dinar, an alim in Medina, Medina resident qadhi and sheiks. He told his story: "Once upon a time, raw meet Muslim Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz when he was in Khunashirah, where dairy farms. Been a long time I did not meet him. I get him in front of the door. First glance, I did not recognize him anymore, because the number of physical changes in yourself than when he met me in the medina. Time when he was governor there. He menyabut arrival and said:

Umar: "Come to me, O Abu Hazim!"

Me: (I too close), not you amirul muknin Umar bin Abdul Aziz? "

Umar: "Right!"

Me: "What caused you to change?! Are not you formerly handsome face? .. your skin smooth? Living self sufficiency? "

Umar: "Well, I did have to change!"

Me: "So what caused you to change when you have mengusai gold and silver and you will be appointed Commander of the Faithful?"

Umar: "What has changed in me, O Hazim ash?"

Me: "The body is so thin and dry, your skin becomes rough and the face becomes pale, clear your eyes have dimmed .."

Arrived - suddenly he cried and said,

Umar: "What if you saw me after three days I was in the tomb, my eyes may have slipped down my cheeks .. my stomach has been spilled isisnya .. Ulau - caterpillars all over my body menggrogoti ground avidly. Really if you see me, O Abu Hazim, certainly better than no longer recognize me this early morning. Do you remember a hadith that you have ever read to me while in Medina, O Abu Hazim? "

Me: "I have made many hadiths amirul O believers, then hadisth which one you mean?"

Umar: "That hadisth narrated by Abu Hurayrah."

Me: "Yes, I'm still mengigatnya Wahi amirul believers."

Umar: "Repeat hadith for me, because I want to hear from you!"

Me: "I have heard that Abu Hurayrah said:" I heard the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam said: "Indeed the obstacles in front of you lies a steep, very dangerous, no one can get through safely but a strong man."

Then Umar wept with tears touching, I was worried that it solved his cries. Then he wiped tears from his eyes and looked at me and said: "Are you willing to take me to task, O Abu Hazim when I berleha - careless in a steep climb obstacles that I managed to reach the beaches? Because I'm afraid if I do not succeed.

The second story in the life of Umar, Ath - Tabari has been telling us of Thufail bin Mirdaas, he recalled:

"When the Commander of the Faithful Umar bin Abdul Aziz was appointed as caliph he wrote a letter to Sulaiman bin Abi As - Sari, his governor in Shugudi which read:" Make the cottage - cottage in the land to entertain the Muslims. If any one of them to pass, then jamulah it day and night, perbaguslah the situation and take care of the vehicle. If he complained of distress, then commanded servants to menjamunya for two days and help him out of his misery. If he lost the way, there is no helper for him and no vehicle can ride him, then give him something to his needs until he can return to the place of origin. "

Sulaiman Governor immediately execute command amirul believers. He built a hut - hut as amirul instructed believers to be provided for the Muslims. Then the news spread in all directions. People - people of Islam in the western hemisphere and the eastern lively talk and mentions - mention keadlilan and devotion caliph.

Up until the story is also told residents of Samarkand. They are not wasted - wasted opportunity. As they approached the governor Sulaima - Sari and said: "Verily, your predecessor named Qutaibah bin Muslim Al - Bahili has robbed our country without mendakwahi us first. He did not, as you did - oh the Muslims - that offers the option before the fight. For all we know, you're calling the enemy - an enemy that Islam mausk terlabih first. If they refuse, you tell them to pay the jizya, if they refuse then you give an ultimatum of war.

Now, we look at fairness and ketaqwaannya your caliphate. So eager to denounce the treatment of you to our troops. And we asked for help to you on what has been done to one of our captains. So please allow O amir so one of us reported it to the caliph hali you and to denounce the tekah kezhaliman we feel. If we do have the right to give it to us, but if not, we will go back to our home. "

Governor Sulaiman allow one of them to be blind to see the caliph in Damascus country. When the envoys arrived home caliph and complain about their problems to the Muslim Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz wrote to the Caliph Sulayman bin As governor - Sari among others contain:

"Amma ba'du .. If my letter has come to you, then point a Qadi for Samarkand resident who will study their complaints, if qadhi it has decided that the truth is on their side, then commanded the entire army of the Muslims to leave their city. Encourage Muslims who have lived with them to immediately return to their country. Then pulihkanlah situations such as when we have not previously entered. Ie before Qutaibah bin Muslim Al-Bahili still to their country. "

Messenger came to Solomon and then he handed a letter from amirul faithful to him. The Governor immediately show a prominent Qadi named "Jumai 'bin An-Naaji Hadhir." He immediately their study of the complaints, he asked that they tell their happenings. Also heard testimony from several witnesses of the Muslim troops and leaders Samarkand population, then the population of Samarkand qadhi justify accusations and court win their party.

A moment later, the governor ordered all Muslims to be excused troops Samarkand city and back to the base - their headquarters. But still the jihad alert on another occasion. It may be re-entered into their country in peace, or will beat them with a war, or it could be also not his destiny to conquer them.

When the authorities heard of the decision of the Qadi Samarkand who won their affairs, respectively - each mutually berbisk each other: "Woe, you have been living side by side with the Muslims and live with them, while you know kpribadian, keadlian and honesty as you see , ask them to stay with kta, hang out to them well, and be happy you stayed with them .. "

Stay three events experienced by Umar bin Abdul Aziz. The story is narrated by Ibn 'Abd al Hakam told us in his book a valuable "Siirah Umar bin Abdul Aziz" (journey of life Umar bin Abdu Aziz). He said:

"By the death of Umar, sign Maslamah bin Abdul Malik and said:" O true believers amirul you ban child - your child get the treasure that is this. So it would be nice if you pass down to me or to someone you trust amongst your family untujk children - anaka you. "When he had finished speaking, Umar said:" Please dudukanlah me! "So they medudukkan him, then he said:" What I hear what you say, O Masalamah, as for what you say that I am blocking the child - the child to inherit the property, the truth for the sake of Allah I did not memnghalangi something they are entitled to. But I do not dare to give the property was not theirs. As you said, "It would be nice if you pass down to me or to someone you trust amongst your family to (menanngung) your children", then surely my will for my children is God who has lower Al - Book correctly, He- one who protects the people - the righteous people. Know, O Masalamah! That kid - my son is one of two possibilities, whether he's a righteous and pious so that God will meet them with the grace of God and He made a way out for their trouble. Or he's the prodigal son who wallow with adultery, while one - time I do not maumenjadi person who helped them with the treasure to engage in immoral to God. "Setleah it he said:" Call the child - my son here! "

So dipanggilah children - children amirul believers who numbered a dozen children. When he saw them, he meneteslah tears and said: "I am leaving them in poverty do not have anything - anything." She wept quietly and then turned to them and said: "O my son - my son, I have left to favor the much. Indeed, when you pass a Muslim or an expert dzimmah they see that you have a right to them. Oh boy - my son, actually before you posted two choices. Do you live well but dad go to hell, or kaliam in indigent circumstances, but your father incoming surge. I believe that you prefer that your father survived the living hell than you rich. "

He watched them with a compassion and said: "Get up you guys, may God keep you, stand you, may Allah bestow blessings to you .."

Then Masalamah turned to him and said,

Masalamah: "I have something better than that, O Commander of the Faithful!"

Umar: "Is that O Masalamah?"

Masalamah: "I had 300,000 dinars .. I would like to present to you then divide it for them, or sedekahkanlah if you wish. "

Umar: "Do you want better than you suggest that O Masalamah?"

Masalamah: "Is it O amirul mukmini?"

Umar: "You return from whom the goods were taken, because you do not have a right to the goods."

So meneteslah Masalamah tears and said,

Masalamah: "May Allah bless you, O Commander of the faithful when life or after die from .. it softens your heart kers among us, reminding the forgotten among us, you will always be a warning for us. "

Since then, people - people follow the news of the child - after the death of his son Umar. So they saw no one among those who live in poverty and ask - ask. How true word of Allah Ta'ala:

(وليخش الذين لو تركوا من خلفهم ذرية ضعافا خافوا عليهم فليتقوا الله وليقولوا قولا سديدا)

An- Nisa' 9

It means: "And let those fear Allah, when if they left their children, who in a weakened state, which they fear the (welfare) them. Therefore, let them fear Allah and speak the right words. " (An-Nisa ': 9)


quoted from them were Tabi'in


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